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Welcome to It's A Mad Libs World!

Welcome to It's A Mad Libs World!

A Mad Lib is a funny, often ridiculous story created when you fill in the blanks with the part of speech that is requested.

When creating a Mad Lib, you will be asked to fill in blanks with the part of speech indicated. Just write the word in the blank. Make sure they match the description for that blank.

For years, parents and teachers have used these fun word games to teach children grammar, sentence structure, parts of speech and even vocabulary! Mad Libs word games make learning more fun.

Here are two webpages in which you can create your own Mad Libs and laugh.




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Sofia 5ºA -

This game lookes great!!I liked, It´s very crazy!!:)Kisses see you tomorrow.GOODBYE!!!

Alba -

I play this game today It´s very funny game.

Estibaliz -

Well, these are probably no the funniest games you could play. See if I find something better.

claudia -

estivalic me an gustado mucho los juegos pero shon un poco royetes vay vay

Estibaliz -

Wow!! You really like creating mad stories, don't you?

Lydia 5ºA -

Hello Estibaliz!!!I play the game and i think that it´s very funny,and the things that i created are crazy and funny things!!!SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!!;) :)

Ines 5ºA -

Im play the game is so funny.GOOD BYE!!!!!

Naiara Sagrario Molina Diaz -

I like very much this game is very funny.SEE YOU ALL ON MONDAY.BYE

Estibaliz -

I'm glad you could play the game. See you on Monday love.

paula 5ºA -

I play the game,it´s so funny.
see you on manday.