CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!

Ancient History: Glossary 3

Latin: language of the Roman city area, later spoken all over the Roman Empire.

North: the direction which is up from the centre line of the Earth (Equator).

Northern tribes: native tribes living in the Northern part of Spain before the Roman invasion.

Phoenicians: ancient civilization with maritime trading culture across the Mediterranean.

Roman Empire: phase of the ancient Roman civilization characterized by an autocratic form of government and large territorial holdings in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Roman Monarchy: phase of the Ancient Roman civilization characterized by the power of a king.

Roman Republic: phase of the Ancient Roman civilization where the Senate had the power to control the army.

Romans: ancient people from the city of Rome, who conquered almost all Europe and the Mediterranean countries, and made them provinces in the Roman Empire.

soldier: member of an army. Someone who serves in the military forces of a country.

South: the direction which is down from the centre line of the Earth (Equator).

temple: building for the worship of gods.

West: the direction towards which the sun sets; the direction which is on the left of a person facing North.


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