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St. Patrick's Day Trivia Hunt

HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day!!

Have fun finding the answers to our

St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Hunt


Visit the links below to find the answers to the questions about St. Patrick’s Day.

You’ll have to be careful and read and think. Have Fun!!


Here are the questions. Happy Hunting!!

  1. When was St. Patrick born?
  2. What did St. Patrick supposedly do to help Ireland?
  3. Where and when was St. Patrick’s Day first celebrated in America?
  4. Where is the largest parade held in America?
  5. What gift do you get if you kiss the Blarney Stone?
  6. Where did the Blarney Stone come from?
  7. How can one find a leprechaun?
  8. How did St. Patrick use the shamrock in his teachings?
  9. How long does it take to fly from Madrid to Dublin?
  10. Who really did Patrick’s homework?


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for what exam?

Naiara 6ºc -

tHIS IS great¡Also because on this I have fun.I´m studying for tomorrows exam.
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
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