CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!


Archaelogy: the study of the past, based on objects or parts of buildings that are found in the ground.

Excavation: the dig in the ground to look for old objects or buildings that have been buried for a long time, to find something.

Tool: a piece of equipment such as a hammer, that you hold in your hand(s) and use to do a particular job.

Weapon: an object which is used for fighting or for killing people, such as a spear, sword, etc.

Fabric: cloth or soft material that is used for making clothes, curtains, etc.

To last: to continue for a period of time.

Shelters: protection from danger or bad weather; a small building that gives protection, for example from bad weather or attack.

Branches: one of the main parts of a tree that grows out of the thick central part; a part of a government or other large organization that deals with one particular aspect of its work.

Sparks: a very small bright piece of burning material; a flash of light that is caused by electricity.

To slide: to move or make something move smoothly along a surface.

Plough: a large farm tool which is pulled by a tractor or by an animal.

Sedentary: involving a lot of sitting down; not active.

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