CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!


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eva -

valla que aburrido

isaac -

me too eva

Gerardo Fernández -

yes the blog is very good to study funny and is very good to speak in your house with your friends

Naiara 5c -

I liked a LOT also it´s a very good idea the BLOG because when you put things we can see it,don´t say no because is true,no?.bye to all from NAIARA 5C

Estibaliz -

This videos help you to study which is very good...

Eva P -

Is very funny this video

Eva P -

I like a lot this video of the excretory system

Alba 5ºC -

I had a very good weekend,I came YESTERDAY,so I had
a look to the videos,because frist I make outlines and the consolidation activities in the book of SCIENCE.SEE YOU

Gerardo Fernández -

estibaliz can you put more videos because is a very good idea to study

Estibaliz -

Yes, they are Gerardo. I think they are a fantastic and funny way of learning. Thanks for the comments.

Gerardo Fernández -

this videos are very good to study

Gerardo Fernández -

i like the video abaut the excretory system