CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!

Where do the Rocks come from?

Where do the Rocks come from?

This is an interactive page about the new Science unit, but in English.

You can make a rocks collection and discover the rock secrets through these activities.

We do hope you like it. See you at school !


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Claudia Miranda 4ºC -

I like the act very very much and are very intesant.

Miss Esther -

Hi Lydia, my favourite minerals are : gold,pyrite,quartz and gold.And about rocks I can tell you that I like amber and marble very much.

Lydia -

Hello Esther!I got a question for you,What are your favorites minerals?,my favorite minerals are Gold,Granite,Mica,Marble and Limstone.

Naiara Sagrario Molina Diaz 4ºC -

Dear Ester:I´ts only that.Or I´ts more in an other part.
But I´ts very good to study.
Naiara 4ºC.Bay see you on monday.