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Ancient History: Glossary 1

Ancient History: period of History starting with the first written evidences and finishing with the fall of the Roman Empire.

amphitheatre: large roofless building with rows of seats on a slope all round a central area.

aqueduct: bridge or pipe that carries water, especially one that is built higher than the land around it or that goes across a valley.

Basque: a native or inhabitant of the Basque country. The language of the Basque people; not related to any other language.

baths: place where Romans spent their free time going to thermal baths where they kept their bodies clean and where they chatted and took important decisions.

Carthaginians: ancient civilization coming from the city of Carthage in Tunisia.

Castilian: a native or inhabitant of Castile. One of the official languages of Spain, based on the ancient dialect of Castile; nowadays it is known as Spanish.

Catalan: a native or inhabitant of Catalonia in Eastern Spain. The language spoken there.

Celt-Iberians: group originated due to the integration of some Celts with the local Iberians in the Spanish Peninsula.


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