CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!



(Give reasons to support your answers)

1. What is a machine?

2. What is the difference between a simple machine and a complex machine?

3. Name the six simple machines and explain how they work.

4. What did people use to shoot arrows?

5. What did people build to get water for their plants?

6. What do ramps help us to do?

7. How did the Egyptians workers move the rockds up the ramps?

8. What fuels do most vehicles use today?

9. What vehicles don’t produce smoke or pollution?

10. What type of vehicles use human energy?

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Naiara 6ºc -

I have done them also on Monday,and they were very easy peasy!!!!!!!!!!!!!BYE,THANKS Estibaliz!!!!!


The question are very easy:)
thank you Estibaliz!!!!!!

Alvaro M. 6ºC -

Good questions and they were very easy.

ALBA 6ºC -

I have done them I think they are easy because I habe been studing.

Eva G.M. -

Thanksss Estii!!!!

julia -

tankssssssssss Estibaliz¡¡¡¡¡ =)

Anónimo -

They were very easy!!!!!!!

Maria 6ºA -

thanks you Estibaliz¡

Inés 6ºA -

thank you estibaliz ! i´m going to do it now!
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres