CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!


Test your English with this quick, free online test. It will give you an idea of your English level.

Click ’start’ and answer each of the questions.

  • There are 20 multiple-choice questions.
  • There is no time limit.
  • You will be able to see answers at the end of the test.

Please note: This is not a Cambridge ESOL exam and the test scores and levels are very approximate.

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17 comentarios

alex 6ºC -

I had a 11 some of the questions I dont now the mining.
But I going to practic more to get better results.xD

Sergio B.6ºA -

i get 13 of 20 Ihve Pet level

anonimo -

I get a 19 of 20.It was easy.

anonimo -

it was very,very difficult.
you know how many i get?
i get 1 of 20.
im the best of the world!!!!

Estibaliz -

Keep on trying!!!

Belén 6ºB -

Yo la primera vez que lo hice saque un 11 pero luego lo volví a hacer y saque un 15.

lucia 6b -

yo cuando lo hice por 1ª vez saque un 10,pero lo he vuelto a hacer y he sacado un 14,espero poder hacer bilinguismo en el insti,¡suerte a todos!

Carlos 6D -

Only 11 good I have to practice a lot

Antonio -

i have a 13 of 20. Some questions were dificult

Lydia 6ºA -

I think I have to practice more,I had 12 of 20.Bye bye!

Estibaliz -

I'm glad you're all practicing!!!
These kind of activities would help you a lot.

eva p -

I HAVE 12 OF 20

Paula 6ºC -

I got the level Pet and its said thats the higest level.

Naiara 6ºC -

Hi I´m having better marks they´re this marks

Naiara 6ºc -

I´ve got a 10 is not really good my mark.But I´ll tried as many times I can for get a 20.Bye,see you.

isaac -

I´ve 9 correct.It was easy and difficult.


Jorge 6º C -

My note was 12 of 20. I think it's a good result, but I hope improve it!
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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres