CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!

Today's questions: MUSCLES AND JOINTS


1. Where do we have muscles?
2. Can you name 3 muscles in the trunk?
3. Can you name the 2 muscles in the upper arm?
4. What are the muscles ¡n our bottom called?
5. What are muscles Iike?
6. What do ligaments do?
7. What do tendons do?
8. How do muscles work: on their own or in pairs?
9. When one muscle in a pair contracts, what does the other muscle do?
10. What does a muscle do when it contracts?

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Sergio B.6ºa -

I was the one of 5ºA, I forgot
we´re on 6º

Sergio B 5ºA -

You write "musdes" in stade of muscles