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CHOPIN: Vals en La bemol Op 69 nº 1


Para el último día de nuestra Semana Cultural, hemos elegido "El Vals del Adios" escrita por Frédéric Chopin como cierre de una alegre y musical semana en la que, además, hemos sentido llorar nuestros corazones...

Todo nuestro amor para nuestra compañera Rosa María Elena Elena. Descansa en Paz.


Waltz in A-flat major, Op. 69, No. 1, is a waltz by Frédéric Chopin, It is also called The Farewell Waltz or Valse de l’adieu.

The waltz was originally written as a farewell piece to Maria Wodzińska, to whom Chopin was once engaged.

The waltz is in A flat major, with a time signature of 3/4. The tempo is marked at tempo di valse, or a waltz tempo. The beginning theme, marked con espressione, is melancholic and nostalgic, and reaches a small high point with a fast flourish. The second part is marked sempre delicatissimo, or con anima in other versions. It is somewhat more cheerful that the previous theme, but soon gives way to the same first theme. After a second rendition of the first theme is a third theme, marked as dolce, the most playful theme. It leads to another theme with a series of ascending double-stops. This fourth theme is marked poco a poco crescendo, with other editions adding ed appassionato. This leads back to the third, playful theme, and returns back to the beginning with a da capo al fin.


La pregunta del viernes/ Friday’s question:

Can you tell me the name of five Romantic composers? And the name of other famous composer born in 1810?

(Leave your answers and, at the end of the week, those of you who give the right answers will have a prize...)

These are the last questions of the quiz. On Monday we’ll give you the right answers and those of you who have answered properly will have the opportunity of choosing a prize...

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Lydia Aguado 5ºA -

The five romantic composers are in the other comentary.

Lydia Aguado 5ºA -

The five composers are:
And the composer that was born in 1810 is:
-Robert Schumann

Anónimo -

Middle Romantic era composers (born 1820-1839)

Ferenc Erkel,César Franck,Édouard Lalo,Anton Bruckner AND Bedøich Smetana.
And others are:
Jean-Baptiste Arban,
Johann Strauss II ,
Adolphe Blanc ,Louis Moreau Gottschalk ,Jan Gerard Palm ,August Söderman and Alexander Borodin
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres
¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres