CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!

Fantastic Books !

Hello again,

I like reading, you like reading, he likes reading, she likes reading... then why don´t we read some books?

Well, in fact if you click on this page, you can listen and read at the same time.

Our recomendations about levels of difficulty:

- Very Easy level : "Maria goes to school".

- Easy : "Scaredy Crow".

- A Bit more difficult : "How the Zebras got  their stripes ".

- Really difficult : " American Sports Legend ".

Pay attention to the Music- Poetry  book : "Lotsa Pasta" It´s really funny !

Raz kids.

You can download some interesting worksheets, you can  complete them  during the weekend.

And do the quiz after reading the book.


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¿Y esta publicidad? Puedes eliminarla si quieres

7 comentarios

César -

Enlace para el villancico "The Twelve days of Christmas"

Espero que os guste.

sandra -

Esther,i can't see the books!

Paula 4ºA -

Dear Esther:
I like so much the reading books.
I have read some of them.
I give thanks you.
See you toumorrow at school.

Lydia -

I like very much the song of "Lotsa pasta" story and i read the other stories except "American Sports Legend",it's really difficult.Bye,see you on Monday!!

Naiara Sagrario Molina Diaz 4ºC -

Ok,Dear Ester:I like all of them very much.The music it´s very funny and I tell you again the prountation is very,very well.Naiara 4ºC

Miss Esther -

Well done Naiara! My favourite is the musical book Lotsa Pasta. Listen to that one and sing if you can.

Naiara Sagrario Molina Diaz 4ºC -

Dear Ester:I read and see the pictures of Maria goes to school.It´s very funny for my!I liked so muach the stories.And the pronuntation is very,very well.Naiara 4ºC
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