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GROUNDHOG DAY (el día de la Marmota)

Groundhog Day falls on 2nd February and is celebrated primary in the United States and Canada, although its origins are European. For years, it’s a real event in American culture because of its media impact. Each February 2, in the town of Punxsutawney (Pennsylvania, USA), the behavior of a groundhog predicts what will be the duration of winter. The belief is that if the groundhog comes out of the hole and gets to see its shadow, winter will last six weeks more. If, however, fails to see its shadow, it means that winter will soon end and that spring is near. In Pennsylvania, the official prognosticator is called Punxsutawney Phil. On Groundhog Day, he comes out of his burrow at 7.25 am. and speaks to the Groundhog Club president in "Groundhogese". His proclamation is then translated for the world. Unfortunately his proclamations are only right 39% of the time!!

What’s the name of the most famous groundhog?. Do you know what loves to eat Punxsutawney Phil? Write your answers and win a special prize...

Ask the Groundhog. Ask a question that can be answered with a "Yes" or "No" response and have fun.

Groundhog Day Word Search.

Groundhog Day official website.

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Estibaliz -

Excellent Axel!! You're the only one who's answered the question properly, so I ought you a prize. Thank you sweety!

axel Redtzer 5a -

Its called punxsutawney Phil and he likes greens,fruits and vegeteboles

bea -

I like because the number two is my favourite number.
By , by.

Alba -


Naiara Sagrario Molina Díaz -

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