CLASS OF 2010-2011!!!

"25 of the World´s Most interesting animals "

"25 of the World´s Most interesting animals "

Hi Children ! As we are working on animals here you have a extraordinary web with some of the most interesting animals of the world.

Read the articles and answer the questions. Enjoy the amazing photos !!

1- Which is the prettiest animal in your opinion ?

2- Which is the ugliest animal of all ?

3- Which animal do you think is the best swimmer ?

4- Which animal has got the longest whiskers ?

5- Which animal has got the largest nose ?

6- Which animal has got  the thinnest fingers ?

7- Which animal lives in the deepest part of the ocean and is called " Dumbo Octopus " ?

8- Which animal is commonly known as  "Moon whale " ?

9- Which of the animals have got the best camouflage ?

10- Which animal  is the most dangerous of all ?

Interesting Animals

4 comentarios

Miss Esther -

Please write the answers for the questions.
There will be a SPECIAL PRESENT FOR THE BEST !! : )

Naiara Sagrario Molina Diaz 4ºC -

Hi ESTER the photographs of animals are beautiful and is very interesant.GOOD BIE

sergio b -

some are beautiful and some are horrible but all are very scarce

Lydia 4ºA -

Hi Esther,we see the animals photographs in the class and is very intresting,some animals are beauttiful but the other one´s are horrible.This is my opinion,and what is your opinion of this animals?See you tomorrow!!!